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"Bible Training and Preparation for Christian Service"

The Bible School program at The Crossing is designed to move students towards knowing the indwelling person of the risen Lord Jesus Christ through the careful teaching, study, and application of God's Word, in order to prepare them for enjoyable Christian living and effective service.

We desire that students fully receive the revelation that 'Christ is our Life' (Gal. 2:20, Col. 1:27; 3:4).

Because the living Lord Jesus wants us to KNOW Him (Phil. 3:10), and since He is revealed in the Scriptures (John 5:39), we therefore place high emphasis on finding Him there. This is where He speaks to us today! We want students to grow and mature in the Word of God, so that they gain a practical working knowledge of it and the ability to express and articulate it.

How is this accomplished? Over the course of 30 weeks, the curriculum is designed to take students through the Old Testament in a chronological fashion, with most individual New Testament books being taught simultaneously throughout. This helps students grasp the big picture of God's plan more clearly, and make more sense of where we fit in it today.

Personal study, assignments, parallel reading, and tests are also a significant part of the programme and complement the material presented in the lectures.

The curriculum also covers some related topical series such as:

* Apologetics * Evangelism * Missions * World Religions
* How to form a Biblical Worldview * Ministry Skills

** Special Feature - One highlight for Bible school at The Crossing is that each year, Peter Bichan, the Director of Capernwray’s Adventure Bible School (ABS) programme, makes the journey down south to The Crossing to bring our students on a 3-day tramp over Mt Somers, gateway to one of the top ecotourism sites in Canterbury.

Students are treated to mountains, lakes, rare and endangered birds, vast landscapes, rainforests, waterfalls, mountain streams and braided rivers as they hike from hut to hut. Along the way, whether outside a hut or an abandoned coal mine, PB (as he is affectionately known) teaches from the Book of Philippians, bringing the day’s experience into Life’s lessons from Scripture. Additional teaching comes from applying such truths while clambering over rocks and boulders, traversing streams, crossing suspension bridges, overcoming fears and weaknesses while working together as the family of God should.

Resident teachers and guest speakers from around the world come to teach a curriculum devoted to surveying the Scriptures in order that students may know Christ in His fullness. The guest speakers are either members of the International Torchbearer Staff or are other experienced Christian leaders who draw from a rich personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they share God's Word from a fresh and dynamic perspective.

Because the class size is smaller, the program allows students to interact more closely with teachers and with fellow students in classes. Students will be encouraged and challenged in these courses and will be given personal counsel in their studies for practical application.

A Bible School Certificate is awarded to students fulfilling course requirements. A transcript can be issued upon request at the completion of the course. 

Other areas of training that are taught and evaluated include: 

Learning how to write a Bible Study
Learning how to lead others in a Bible study
Learning how to lead another person to receive Christ
Learning how to encourage another believer
Learning how to give a clear personal testimony in various situations

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